Willow withies are available in various lengths and are priced per bundle measuring 45cm CIRCUMFERENCE at the base.  The shorter withies are thinner so the quantity per bundle is greater.  For more information on quantities, size and preparation please see the grid at the end of the Basketmaking article in the information section. N.B. thickness of sticks are given in millimetres (mm) in this section.

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  • W2001NT 2

    Somerset Buff Withies

    £29.95 SKU: W2001

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    Somerset grown Buff peeled willow 120 – 145 cm long.  Approx 2kg and contains approx 220 rods. Use for basketmaking and indoor craftwork. Soaking for 1 hour depending  recommended for maximum flexibility. Bundle measures approx. 15 cm diameter at the base.

  • W2003NT

    Somerset Green Withies

    £29.95 SKU: W2003

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    Somerset grown Green bark-on willow withies.  Use for basketmaking and indoor/outdoor craftwork. Soaking for 4 days recommended for maximum flexibility.  Bundle measures approx. 15 cm diameter at the base.  Approx. 2.5 kg.