Magazine Racks

Wicker magazine racks to tidy up your leisure reading. These baskets add natural charm to your living area.

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  • Storage Basket

    Storage Basket

    £47.95 SKU: W1692
    Size: 48 × 23 × 36 cm

    3 in stock

    48 (length) x 23 (width) x 36(height) centimetres. Rectangular storage basket made from rattan. Also good for magazines. The dimensions of this basket make it ideal for that tricky long, thin space. Please note that all our items are handmade, therefore colours and styles may vary. All sizes are approximate, so please allow a 5%…

  • W1687NT

    Storage Basket

    £49.95 SKU: W1687
    Size: 23 × 43 × 30 cm

    4 in stock

    Good quality Buff Willow Storage Basket with fingerholes. Also good for magazines. Part of the ‘Lodge Storage Basket’ range – exclusive to us, designed especially to fit in the kitchen and bedroom (plus many other situations). Conforms to many sizes of popular and top range kitchen cabinets. There are 3 more compatible sizes available (the…