Created By : 08-May-2018

So much has happened since the two bouts of severe flooding we had at Burrowbridge from 2012-14 with levels up to 8 foot of water and deep flooding for 3 months at a time.  We have now left our Langport premises and confidently returned back to our old address in Burrowbridge - where we had been for 70 years.  We're looking forward to our re-opening to the public on Saturday, 12th May, 2018, with everything looking good and not a drop of water in sight!


Created By : 07-Feb-2020

New picture signs outside our premises now - look out for them as you're travelling down the A361. With these signs now up and several taken down, I'm pleased to say the signage outside is easier on the eye.  Look forward to seeing you to show you all the amazing things we have in stock - beautiful Chairs, Log Baskets and so much more in the Basketware line.

We are pleased to be selling locally grown Christmas Trees in various varieties (including those resilient to needle drop) as from the end of November.  These will be displayed on our canopy along with accompanying Christmas Tree Skirts, ornamental Willow Sleighs, festive Wicker Reindeer, Ducks and  'French Hens'.