Straw Bags - such a summer look

Created By : 10-Jun-2017

Summer's coming next week - yes, really!!  Check out our array of pretty Straw Bags - available in our Langport shop - or find them on our Ebay site, Brushart Animals UK smiley

Owners of the business

Created By : 20-May-2017

Two of us enjoy the everyday running of the business - we're husband and wife but get on fine, even though we work together!  Here's one side of the partnership - Steve!

We've had a refresh of our displays outside our Shop on A378 in Langport - if you're passing, you'll see it.  Also, we have a new display by the footbridge, near the picnic bench too.

When we arrived at our building four years ago (how time flies), we were asked not to change The Parrett Discovery Room - one of the nicest rooms in our beautiful building. We put some of our Basketware there and it looks great, but other than that, it is exactly the same as when talented artist, Jenny Dank created it for the millennium. In beautiful shades of blue and with wonderful artistic skill, Jenny also includes very interesting facts about the River Parrett and the local area. I go in there on quite a few days to wonder at her work and learn something new!


Created By : 17-Jan-2017

Because we feel so fortunate to be here in Langport, we are starting a little series about our place here in this wonderful small town. Beginning with the entrance to our business - the red brick section of the building was completed in 1998 looking towards the celebration of the millennium; the older part of the building had been previously owned by Bradfords Coal Yard and the weighbridge is still present by the main road. There is a beautiful artwork attached to our building - as you can see: it shows 'Amphora', a Roman woman whose remains were found nearby, a dog - because of the dogs-shape layout of the land looking from above, a boat - because of the river, an image of the old Bow Bridge, the Hanging Chapel, a heron dressed in a jacket and a coin - because of Langport's connections with banking.

Our very own home location, Langport has reached the last 3 in The Great British High Street Competition.  We are so proud!  Please help us to win by voting for 'Langport' at .Vote everyday if you can - as this is allowed!