Despite the gorgeous autumn sunshine, many people are starting to think ahead and we've noticed an increase in sending off each day our lovely Wicker Reindeer, Angels and Log Baskets.  This year is going so quickly!  So far we've had quite a busy one with our move back to our original premises - but after that, the super, warm elongated summer was a great pickme up and the temperatures here were ideal.  We're ready and looking forward to provide you with all your woven Christmas and winter requirements - our carriage price has recently been reduced (for a while, at least) - so it's a good time to place an order.


Created By : 08-May-2018

So much has happened since the two bouts of severe flooding we had at Burrowbridge from 2012-14 with levels up to 8 foot of water and deep flooding for 3 months at a time.  We have now left our Langport premises and confidently returned back to our old address in Burrowbridge - where we had been for 70 years.  We're looking forward to our re-opening to the public on Saturday, 12th May, 2018, with everything looking good and not a drop of water in sight!

Pre-Christmas - such a special time

Created By : 11-Dec-2017

Hope your pre-Christmas is going well and your preparations for the big day aren't too exhausting.  We are ready for your orders for all items of a woven nature - last day for large items is Tuesday, 19th December at midday; smaller items can go slightly later.  Enjoy Advent!


Created By : 10-Nov-2017

Oh - I know it's not Christmas yet ....... but we already have in stock these gorgeous handmade Christmas Tree Skirts to make your tree look beautifully dressed even at the base.

These are our new Strong, Useful Storage Baskets - great value from £19.95. Ideal around the house but limited availability.  See refs W2312, W2315, W2316, W2317 and W2318 on our website

That autumn feeling

Created By : 21-Sep-2017

The mixed weather this time of the year starts us thinking of the forthcoming winter - harvesting and storing for the harsher climate ahead.  Most of us are extremely fortunate to be able to do this and we must count our blessings.