It’s great to see some of the Baskets we sell on display on the shelves behind the talented contestants on The Great British Bake Off.  We thought this one looked particularly attractive this week during the finals.  It’s a lovely rustic container for logs or many other things.  Congratulations to Giuseppe for bringing home the…


We’re pleased to have our Cane Furniture back in stock.  Please see ‘Wicker Chairs’ and ‘Wicker Table’ on our product categories.  Available from our shop at Burrowbridge or online.  Ideal for your conservatory or around the house.

Another Flower Stall Here Saturday, 19th June, 2021

After a lovely day last week, there will will be another Flower Stall here on Saturday 19th June, 2021. The beautiful colours of the lovely fresh plants will transform your garden and give you lots to look at. Last week’s event was very popular – which is why the ladies are are coming again.

Flower Stall here June 2021

The ladies from ‘Keep Somerset Blooming’ will be adding a palette of colour into our lives by having a stall here at our premises at Burrowbridge next Saturday, 12th June.  Fresh flowers and plants for sale to  really boost us up in difficult times and they can offer good advice on their care.  Top up…

Something to look forward to

We’re all hoping things will improve this year but will we be able to get together for Easter? If so, it’s going to be a wonderful and memorable time for many.  Even if not, these beautiful Wicker Rabbits on your lawn will look cheerful and springlike for anyone who is fortunate enough to have garden….

Greetings for Christmas, A Happier 2021

Well, what a strange year it’s been.  We send our sympathy to those who’ve lost loved ones this year and to those affected with their jobs.  Thank you to those who’ve helped and supported us in so many ways during 2020.  Many thanks for your orders, we are still taking online orders but they may…

Christmas Trade 2020

Our website is fully operating and carriers are working efficiently in most cases this Christmas.  Our shop is now also open for customers calling (closed Weds/Suns).  We look forward to receiving your orders.  


Website still open for our amazing range of Basketware – ideal for Christmas gifts and to create a festive ambience in your home.  In addition to our normal delivery service, we can offer a click and collect service (closed Weds/Suns).  Please email us on [email protected] if you require the click and collect service and wait…

(Slightly) New Website Now Live

You may notice we have a slightly changed website – this has been done to keep up with modern technology. It is very nearly the same as our old website but slightly adapted. Photos appear a little different to normal but will adapt when you click onto them and we are working on this aspect…