About Willows

We supply the following sizes and colours of willows, subject to availability and seasonal variation. Carriage  is £6.95 per order. ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT

You can order on the website with an accepted credit or debit card and also Paypal. Willows or withies are supplied dry in bundles measuring 15cm diameter at the thickest end. The 4ft grades are thinner, approx. 4mm at the thickest end than 5ft approx. 5mm. All the rods taper down towards the tip end. Green withies have the bark on, and so have a greater resistance to moisture. This makes them more suited to outdoor applications than peeled buff withies, though the soaking time is much longer.

Please note we describe our willow as Green because that is the colour of the bark,and not because it is fresh cut. These will need soaking as shown in the table below.


For maximum flexibility, the withies should be submersed in cold water for the duration of the soaking time shown below. They should then be wrapped in damp sacking, towels or the like, for at least one hour, or preferably overnight. Green willow will be more pleasant to use if they are stood up, and allowed to drip dry for about an hour prior to wrapping up.

Left over material should be spread out and thoroughly dried, before storing in a dry place. It may then be prepared again as described at a future date.

W20014FT BUFF120 CM45 MINS15 CM3802 KG29.95 
W20015FT BUFF145 CM1 HOUR15 CM2202 KG29.95 
W20034FT GREEN120 CM4 DAYS15 CM3602.5 KG27.95 

* Thickness, length, weight and quantity are subject to seasonal variation.